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paper mario in game name

  • Paper Mario for N64

    Play classic game Paper Mario on PC.

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | N64
    Size: 23.41MB Updated: 05/06/11

  • 60,213

    Total downloads

Extended Search Results
paper mario in game description

  • Mario Game: Paper Luigi's Mansion

    with a paper mario theme. Originally was to be a full length game, but didn't show potential to be one. So now it's been remade into a mini-game. Play through a...

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Misc Action
    Size: 2.28MB Updated: 05/28/10

  • 1,893

    Total downloads

  • Mario Game: Paper Bowser World

    parody game features more than sixteen levels and is based on the Bowser mini-stages from paper mario: The Thousand-Year Door. NOTE: You will need a pretty f...

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Platform
    Size: 10.57MB Updated: 05/10/10

  • 630

    Total downloads

  • Mario Game: Super Mario Everything 2

    But it's comparable to paper mario World in quality, so you aren't missing out. Of course, the 2 games are gonna be REALLY seperate in gameplay. Where as the fi...

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Platform
    Size: 493KB Updated: 06/22/10

  • 305

    Total downloads

  • Doodle Jump for iPhone 2.7.1

    up a sheet of graph paper, picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blast...monsters! - jump on monsters to bring them down mario-style - Submit score to ...

    License: Shareware Genre: Action | iPhone Games
    Size: 19.20MB Updated: 10/24/11

  • 269

    Total downloads

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